Frequently Asked Questions

So you have some questions about framing . . .

The price of custom framing varies greatly. It depends on many factors including: the size of the art, the frame, the number and types of mats, the glass, and the amount of labor that is involved with your project. We work with you to find a design that meets your budget, offering specials and sales regularly.  We always recommend bringing your art in for a free, no obligation consultation for the most accurate estimate.

The process is an easy one. Simply bring in your art, no appointment necessary, and a staff member will assist you in choosing a design that matches your style and budget. We will take down your information, you leave your art with us, no deposit necessary, and that’s it! We will complete your project during our normal turn-around time, and will call you when it’s completed. At your convenience, you come in to pay for it and take it home to hang on your walls forever!

Not at all! You don’t have to know anything about custom framing before walking in our doors. Our expert staff can walk you through the entire process. Though there are some helpful things you could consider to help us in designing your framing project, such as your own personal taste/style, colors that you like/hate, or if you are limited in space for the place you would like to hang the final piece. Other than that, we have you covered. We’ll make the process easy.

Custom framing is a way to ensure high-quality materials, great design, and professional execution. Framing art correctly takes time, space, tools, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. While it’s easy to buy a frame at any retail store and pop your art right in, these frames lack the steps and materials needed to preserve your work, and often lack the “WOW” factor. Custom framing gives you the best of both worlds, protection and style.

Framing can be expensive. You may be wondering what all you’re paying for. All of our frames are made from solid wood or high-quality aluminum. All of our mats are archival, made from acid-free materials. We have acid-free backing options, as well as multiple grades of UV-protective glass and acrylic glazing. Also included in your price is the expertise and craftsmanship of our staff, all with degrees in art or years of artistic experience. Labor is charged based on the complexity of your project. Every project is completed to perfection, with dust cover and complementary hanging hardware for a fuss-free wall hanging experience. 

In short- probably! We’ve framed almost everything from historic documents and works from world-renowned artists, to ballet shoes, full beer bottles, Alcatraz shackles, locks of hair, and even a full size bicycle. You pick your design, and leave the logistics to us.

Of course! We have fine art prints framed and hanging all around our store, ready for purchase. We also have original drawings and watercolors by local artist Don Madvig for sale.

No, we do not do any type of printing. We recommend Kendall Reeves at Spectrum Creative Group, a local business in Bloomington. The quality of his work is the best in town, we take all of our printing needs to Kendall!